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How To Hide Plugin Details On WordPress .

You will have to activate the window. The themes window ought to be the very first thing you see. Obviously you don’t need this to be in your menu otherwise nobody would subscribe since they can simply get it from that point! Clicking on it is going to reveal plugin choices. If you’re still not […]

How To Change WordPress WP-admin To Another URL .

Which method you will use is dependent on what sort of access that you still have to your site. Just make sure to record the new URL somewhere secure, which usually means that you don’t shed access to your site. Locate the ID of the user you want to update. After you then can login, […]

How To Do HTTP To HTTPS On WordPress .

A customer can be made to use its community cache for content which has not changed. The main reason is a TCP connection must be established first and during the SSL handshake before the connection is completely established is whenever the user receives the warning. Therefore, it’s essential to have an SSL-encrypted connection for several […]

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